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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I determine the best style of holster for my needs?

First, consider how you will use your gun and holster.  Do you want to conceal the fact that you are carrying a gun?  How will you use your gun?  The most popular holsters are Hip Holsters:

OWB "outside the waistband", such as the GBS Pancake OWB Holster.  The pancake style holds the gun close to the body and distributes the weight of the firearm over a larger portion of the belt, thus make it a bit more comfortable and stable for all day carry. Pancake style holsters are also very concealable when necessary.

IWB, "inside the waistband" holsters, such as the GBS Kydex IWB Holsters are worn inside the pants and attach to the belt with soft loops or molded clips.  These are the most concealable type of holster but, they require pants that measure about an inch larger than the normal waist measurement.  

There are several holster types that are readily available.  If you need help with selecting the proper carry method for your situation, please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss options with you.

2.  How do Kydex materials compare with leather and nylon materials for holsters?

The rigid Kydex material used by GBS Holsters does not lose its shape  nor, does it get soft and rot in humid conditions (including perspiration), and they are slightly faster than leather on the draw.  Kydex holsters remain "open" to aid in one hand re-holstering of your gun.  Kydex holsters are also very easy to maintain.  Just rinse with water and dry them after each use.

Leather is the traditional material used for holsters.  It can "give" a bit to conform to the shape of your body, however, leather can "bind" the gun a little if your draw is not perfectly straight out of the holster.  Soft leather, although comfortable to wear, can collapse after you draw your gun making one hand re-holstering difficult.  Maintaining your leather holster is a more involved procedure than maintaining a Kydex holster.  As with any fine leather product, it is necessary to clean and lubricate the leather at regular intervals to get the longest use out of the product.  

Padded Nylon material reacts very similarly to leather holsters.

3.  Do I need a special type of belt to carry a gun in a holster?

It is CRITICAL to wear a proper gun belt with your hip-holstered gun.  Gun belts come in various widths from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4".  They are usually double-thick leather or leather reinforced with a synthetic material.  There are also all-synthetic belts available.  A proper gun belt will support the weight of the gun and provide enough vertical leverage on the holster to prevent it from flopping away from the body.

4.  What is CANT?  How do I determine the proper cant for my holster?

The "CANT" of a holster refers to the angle at which your gun grip is tilted forward or backward when carried in the holster.  Most holsters are set at one of the following CANT's:

    • -5 Degrees, which tilts the grip of the gun 5 degrees toward the rear of the body. (Popular for appendix carry. )
    • 0 Degrees, which carries the gun vertically with the body.  (Usually acceptable for appendix or in front of the hip carry)
    • 5 Degrees, which tilts the grip of the gun 5 Degrees forward on the body. (Commonly used for strong side carry. 9 or 3 clock position)
    • 10 Degrees, which tilts the grip of the gun 10 degrees forward on the body.  (Commonly worn at the 7:30-9 or 4:30-3 clock positions.)
    • 20 Degrees, which tilts the gun 20 degrees forward on the body. (Commonly worn at the 7-8 or 5-4 clock positions.)

Determine your proper degree of cant by holding your gun's grip where you want to carry the gun in the holster.  While more cant aids in concealment a bit, the main reason for it is to make the gun 1) comfortable to carry and 2) easy to draw.  Cant preference is an individual choice based your gun's grip angle and shape.

5.  What is the difference between Infused and Printed Kydex?

Infused Kydex embeds the graphic pattern into the sheet of Kydex actually making the pattern part of the Kydex.  This gives the pattern maximum protection from scratching and wear.

Printed Kydex has the graphic pattern printed on the surface of the sheet of Kydex.  It is less resistant to scratches and wear marks than Infused patterns, but it still is very durable. 

6.  What is a Sweat Guard?  Why would I need one on my holster?

A Sweat Guard is additional Kydex material covering the gun on the side of your holster that touches your body.  Its purpose is to help protect your firearm from body oils and moisture.

7.  How much lead time is necessary for you to design and complete my new holster?

Lead time depends on the number of jobs currently in our shop.  Usually you can expect to receive your new holster within 2 weeks.  It is best if you ask for this information when placing your order.

8.  If my GBS Holster is for a light-bearing gun, can I still use the holster if I remove the light from the gun?

No.  GBS Holsters are molded to fit your gun and the attached light exactly and, most of the retention is applied to the lighting system rather than the gun itself.  If you plan to use your gun without the light, choose another GBS Holster design for that application.

9.  Are GBS Holsters handmade?

Yes, every GBS Holster is handmade in our shop and custom fitted to the gun model you specify.  We use only the highest quality materials and take great care to insure that each holster fits properly and is easy for our customer to use.

10.  What thickness of Kydex do you use?

GBS Holsters uses only the finest quality .080" Kydex for our holsters.  Other thicknesses are available but, we have found that .080" is most serviceable for most applications.  Some belt attachments and accessories are constructed with .125" Kydex.

11.  Will Kydex scratch my gun?

Every holster can wear or scratch the finish on a gun but, with proper care you can minimize the damage.  If you properly clean and care for your GBS Holster  it will not likely scratch your gun.  After using your gun and holster you should always clean your holster by rinsing it in cool water to remove any accumulated dust or debris.  If dirt or debris are still visible after rinsing, you can add a mild liquid dish detergent to the water to increase cleaning.  Wipe your holster thoroughly dry or let air dry before storing your gun in it.

12.  Will my GBS Holster lose its retention?

With proper care, your GBS Holster will not lose its retention.  Kydex is heat molded to fit your gun model, so only extreme heat or intentional damage should effect the retention.  If you leave your gun in a vehicle or any area where the temperature exceeds 180 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be damaged.

13.  Can I ship my gun to you for a holster build?

DO NOT ship your gun to us.  We have an extensive stock of mold guns in our shop that we use when building holsters.  On the rare occasion when we do not have the model you request and cannot locate a like gun model locally to use, we will make arrangements with you to transfer your gun to us for the duration of the holster build.  This must be done through an Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

14.  Will a GBS Holster work with my sights?  With RMR?

Yes, your new GBS Holster will be molded with room to pass over standard factory applied sights without misaligning them or damaging them.  If your have applied after-market sights to your gun, please contact us before you place your order so we can discuss the current gun configuration.

15.  Can we place custom orders?

Yes.  GBS Holsters will work with you by your request to design and build items not displayed on our Website.