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  • Belt Attachments/Accessories


    All of our customer belt attachments are sold individually.  Each loop will come with hardware to mount it to your holster or magazine pouch.

    When ordering our molded loops, please measure your holster eyelet spacing so you receive the proper loop for your holster.  GBS Holsters belt loop eyelet spacings are 1 1/2" and 2".

    Our Large Molded loops are generally used on the Light/Laser Bearing Pancake Holsters.

    Our Medium Molded loops are the most common loops found on our Pancake OWB Holsters and Double Pistol Mag Pouches.

    Our Small Molded Loops work well for the smaller Pancake OWB holsters made for the small frame guns and Mag Pouches.

    Our Soft Loops are a regular option for our Kydex IWB and Suede Comfort Holsters.  They also make it easy to convert your existing Pancake OWB Holster to an IWB concealment holster.  Just remove your molded loops and install these ridiculously tough soft loops to the outside of your pancake and you are good to go!  Our soft loops are adjustable for belt sizes 1 1/2" to 2".