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  • Neck Holster/Boobie Trap


    When waistline carry is not an option for the CCW holder, Neck Holsters and Boobie Traps can save your day!  

    Neck Holsters provide a great way to easily carry a small frame auto under your shirt.  The clam shell design allows access by drawing out the side like a regular holster or stripping the firearm straight down and out for quick deployment. 

    The Boobie Trap was designed just for Ladies.  We know how difficult it can be to conceal a firearm.  The Boobie Trap is designed to be worn under a shirt.  The adjustable leather strap wraps around the center strap of the bra and the muzzle end of the holster tucks under the bra cup.  Drawing the firearm works like our neck holsters, out the side or strip straight down and out.  Boobie Trap concealment does vary according to the lady and her endowment!